Mobile Physical Therapy


Mobile Physical Therapy Service San Diego CA & Pittsburgh, PA

One on One Care With a Licensed Physical Therapist

Our mission is simple: To provide top quality one on one care that accommodates your schedule.

We believe that the health of your body is of the highest priority and our passion for your wellbeing will always be reflected in the care you receive.  Your one on one evaluation and treatment will always be provided by a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant that is fully trained and licensed in your state.  You will never receive treatment from a technician or an aide.  In fact we do not hire techs or aides.  We are here 100% for you. 


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We can meet you at your home, office, gym, park, or wherever you choose.  We bring all of the equipment needed to help you to achieve your goals!

Phone: 877-827-8246 Email: Fax: 877-827-8246

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I always see marked improvement after my sessions. I especially like that my physical therapist knows CrossFit because he is able to identify better what is causing an issue and recommend exercises to help.
— Jessica D
Preventing serious injury and maintaining my active lifestyle is easy and convenient when I can meet with my Physical Therapist at my gym.
— Christine S


Why Physio 2 Go?

We started Physio 2 Go to provide a valuable service that people need, but can be an inconvenience.  

The world is changing.  We are getting busier and busier everyday.  The traditional physical therapy model relies on you driving to a physical therapy office 2 or 3 times a week for 8 weeks at a time.  A standard physical therapy appointment can easily take over 1.5 hours out of your day including driving time.  

It is increasingly difficult to find time to care for our bodies.   Sometimes life gets in the way.  Maybe you are busy with work, caring for your children, or life in general.  Maybe transportation is an issue where you live.  

These are no longer reasons for you to stop giving your body the care it needs.