Face to Face Video Conference With a Licensed Physical Therapist Today

Telehealth is a fast and convenient way to get the healthcare you need.

You will speak live with one of our expert physical therapists who will take the time to understand you and your condition.  After a careful review of your history and face to face interview, our therapist will have you perform physical tests in order to develop a comprehensive exercise program that fits your individual needs.

You will have 24/7 access to your exercise plan, including video feedback, and to your physical therapist via secure messaging.  Our software will track and log how often you complete your program as well as track your personal progress.

If at any time you need to update your plan, it is as easy as requesting a follow up visit!




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How It Works

1. Call us to make an appointment 

Call us to set up an appointment during a time that is convenient to you.  When you call, a representative will gather information such as your name, date of birth, and insurance information.  At this time, you will be able to schedule an appointment.

2. Download our app

You will receive an email with a link to download our mobile health app.  

Or you can download them here:


Once downloaded, you will be prompted to sign up for the app with your email address.  From there you will be able to upload any important medical documentation, including a prescription from your physician as well as fill out some brief forms.  In total it will take less than 5 minutes from download to finish!

Note:  In the state of California (and many others) you do not need a prescription for physical therapy.  Not all insurance providers will pay for services at this time if a prescription is not obtained first.  If you do not have a prescription, do not let this stop you from getting the care you need.  Contact us and we will assist you in getting what you need!

That's it! You are ready to have your first mobile, web based physical therapy session! 

3. Complete your exercise routine

You will have the opportunity to complete, track, and log your progress through our mobile app throughout your physical therapy care.  You will  have the ability to contact your physical therapist through our telehealth app.  Messages can be sent at any time for review.  When you are ready, schedule a follow up appointment to progress your homes exercise program and return to a healthy, pain-free lifestyle.


Mobile telehealth Physical therapy Easy as 1. 2. 3!




We accept most insurances including:

Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Tricare/Triwest, United Health Care, Workers Compensation, Molina, and Medi-Cal.  

We also have competitive cash rates for your appointment.

If your insurance is not listed here please call to see if you are eligible for telehealth services.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out using the contact form below, email, or by phone call.

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