Mobile Physical Therapy Saves Time & Money

Save Time & Money With Mobile PT

Save Time & Money With Mobile PT

Mobile Physical Therapy For The Working Parent

Work-family balance is both important and elusive.   It can feel impossible with work, schedules, and all of your responsibilities to find the time to bond with your family, spouse, and even make time for yourself.  Getting the medical care you need for yourself or your family does not need to be another chore.  Mobile physical therapy allows for you to get the care you need, without the added stress of another appointment.  Let us help you with your busy schedule by brining your physical therapy appointment to you. 

Let’s look at the facts

The average drive time to a medical appointment is 20 minutes.  Now factor in traffic, after a long day of work, plus your appointment time.  You are looking at close to a 2.5 hour commitment for just one appointment! It doesn’t have to be that difficult. Let us come to you and put that time back in your schedule.

How does it work?

We meet you when it is most convenient.  We bring a portable table and any equipment that would be needed.  Often times, much equipment is not needed to address pain and return to function. 

Will I get the same quality of care in my home as I would in the clinic?

Absolutely.  We would argue better.  We spend one-on-one time with our patients.  This allows us to dedicate our full attention on you.  You will never see an aide or an assistant.  All of our physical therapists are highly training and vetted.  You will always see a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Take a look at the infographic below for a breakdown of why mobile physical therapy is better for you.

What times are available?

We have very flexible appointments to fit your schedule. 

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