Physical Therapy For Older Adults

Are you worried that your parent is having a decline in function? Has your parent recently fallen? Has your parent reduced their activities and social life due to pain?

 These are all common issues that happen to older adults. Often times as children, we see changes in our parents that may not be visible to themselves or others. It can be a struggle to get your parents to agree and participate in an exercise program or physical therapy routine, which can help alleviate and even eliminate all of these problems.

These are problems we work with on a daily basis. We often get phone calls from concerned children that their parents are in decline and that it is extremely difficult to convince them to participate or get out of the house to go to a physical therapy or exercise program. We are able to help alleviate the symptoms with the added convenience of meeting your parents at their home. By going to the home we are able to evaluate your parents in the place they spend the most time and are most likely to experience a fall or further decline. We can tailor their program to their exact needs around the home. Over the years we’ve convinced even the most skeptical parent or loved one the tremendous value of an in-home physical therapist.

Mobile Physical Therapy Can Prevent Falls

Mobile Physical Therapy Can Prevent Falls

How much does this care cost and how do I get it for them?

Insurance can be very tricky and hard to navigate. Our experience working with an older adult population allows us to easily explain, navigate insurance, and reduce costs for your parents. Currently, anyone 65 years and older is eligible for Medicare benefits. We are able to see your parents for physical therapy in the home under Medicare part B. Medicare part B currently has a $185 deductible and coinsurance of 20%. This means that for any outpatient services including physical therapy and doctors’ visits the 1st $185 must be paid out of pocket. After that, Medicare pays 80% of the bil.

 So what will this actually cost?

Lets work through two scenario’s

Scenario # 1

Medicare Annual Deductible Is Met (average amount per visit)

Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment: $39

Physical Therapy Follow Up Treatment: $25 per session

Scenario #2

Medicare Annual Deductible Is Not Met

Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment: $185

Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment: $25 per session

Now if your parent has a secondary insurance such as TRICARE, AARP, or 1 of the many other secondary insurance plans available there is a very good chance that they will owe $0 out-of-pocket for their entire course of physical therapy.

Medicare Vs. Medicare Advantage

Often times people get confused with the difference between Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare is the primary umbrella under which all of these insurance plans work. Medicare Advantage plans are managed care plans that are run by private insurance companies. Some examples include Aetna Medicare PPO, Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare PPO, Kaiser Medicare HMO. Physio2GO is able to  able to accept all Medicare Advantage PPO plans.  Out of pocket costs may vary compared to above, however, are typically similar.

Is Physical Therapy Worth It?

Physical therapy is significantly cheaper cost considering the potential injuries that may occur following a fall or significant inactivity. The CDC states that from 2007-2016 31% of older adults died after fall.  Given the high mortality rate, cost of hospital bills and skilled nursing facility/assisted living, and the fact the falling is highly preventable, physical therapy is one of the best options available.

Why leave your home?

Everybody knows that traffic in San Diego is a nightmare. It is not getting any better. Driving to any appointment easily adds an hour more to your day. This means spending longer hours at work to make up for missed time, missing time with your family, and not participating in the things you love to do.

While these are unfortunate side effects of taking care of yourself, putting off the care you need is no longer an issue as we bring the physical therapy appointments to you.

Why Physio2go?

Physio2Go is able to drive to your home, office, gym, or favorite park to give you the care you need. We accept most major insurances and our overall costs are typically in-line with in network out-of-pocket expenses. We spend one-on-one time with all of our patients which allows for decreased number of visits and faster recovery time. Physio2GO mobile physical therapy, delivers excellent quality of care is a convenient service at an affordable price weather you are experiencing pain, having surgery, or not participating in your activities the way you would like call us today and get the help you need. Physio2go mobile physical therapy is also part of the San Diego Chapter of GAIN: Golden Age Integrative Network and can help get you ALL of the care you need without any of the headaches.

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